Steve's Israel Trip Pictures

The following picture collection is from my 10/96 trip to Israel and the Sinai peninsula. They were taken with a Kodak DC-50 digital camera. Each picture below is linked to a series of images segmented by location and or timeframe in which they were taken. You can click the thumbnails to access the full size images which are 24-bit color jpg at 756x504, mostly between 120 and 200K is size.

London - I was there for one day on a 12 hour layover (48 pictures)

Rehovot, Israel - Around town and at the Weizmann institute (53 pictures)

Sinai, Egypt - A blissful excursion into a less developed land near the Red Sea (42 pictures)

South Israel - Driving up from Eliat, IS to the Dead Sea (39 pictures)

Jaffa Market, Telaviv City and Beach (40 pictures)

Jerusalem - The Old City (108 pictures)

Bethleham (26 pictures)

Ashdod - A port city with a nice beach (16 pictures)

Cesarea - ruins from a previous era (47 pictures)

More Jerusalem (82 pictures)

The Dead Sea (41 pictures)

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